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What is the Cenla Medication Access Program?

The Rapides Foundation’s Community Health Assessments show that among barriers to healthcare access, the cost of prescription medicines impacted the greatest number of adults. Because of this, the Foundation in 2001 began the Cenla Medication Access Program (CMAP) to improve people’s access to medications by offering free or reduced-cost prescriptions to eligible clients. CMAP also provides education on the importance of appropriate medication usage.

CMAP, which is now offered statewide, has helped approximately 20,000 people across Louisiana get the free prescriptions they need to maintain their health. More than 800 physicians refer their patients to the program.

CMAP also administers other projects for The Rapides Foundation: the Cancer Screening Project, which helps residents get access to free medical screenings for breast, colorectal and cervical cancers; CMAP Extra, a prescription card program that offers reduced rates on some medications; the Tobacco Cessation Program, which provides one-on-one and group cessation counseling; and the Healthy Lifestyle Program, which provides one-on-one nutrition and physical activity counseling to patients referred by their doctors.

Background and Funding

The Rapides Foundation established CMAP in 2001 to provide chronic care prescription medications for people who cannot afford them. CMAP is funded by The Rapides Foundation under the Foundation’s Healthcare Access Initiative. The initiative is designed to address medication access and cancer screenings, foster the establishment and expansion of primary care access with integrated behavioral and oral health services; and to develop a strategy around related medical manpower issues. CMAP administers two of these efforts for The Rapides Foundation – medication access and cancer screenings. In addition, CMAP administers the Foundation’s Healthy Lifestyle Program, which is funded under the Foundation’s Healthy Behaviors Initiative.


Ensuring that limited-income residents have appropriate access to medication and health education, and encouraging preventative health practices in our service area within Central Louisiana


A Central Louisiana community where residents with limited incomes have access to the chronic care medications they need, improving their health and quality of life.

Job Openings

Job Opening: Registered Dietitian

Job Opening: Registered Dietitian

CMAP is looking for a qualified, experienced Registered Dietitian for the Healthy Lifestyle Program.

Job Opening: Registered Dietitian

Job Opening: Registered Dietitian

CMAP is looking for a qualified, experienced Registered Dietitian for the Healthy Lifestyle Program.

Ethical conduct and governance

The Rapides Foundation is committed to lawful and ethical behavior in all of its activities. Employees and trustees are required to conduct themselves in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

All employees and trustees are required to review and sign the Foundation's Code of Conduct, as well as its Whistleblower Policy. These policies relating to the governance of The Rapides Foundation are listed below:



* Medical access services provided by CMAP are offered statewide. Other CMAP services – the Healthy Lifestyle Program, Cancer Screening Project and Smoking Cessation Trust – are offered to people who reside in The Rapides Foundation’s nine-parish service area.

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